We combine quick comprehension with high competence and swift implementation. For selected clients who are looking for tailor-made solutions.

In doing so, we rely on


The quality of our work results from clearly defined fields of expertise in which we have a wealth of experience and constantly updated knowledge.


By competence we do understand not only a comprehensive legal education, but also permanent further education and training in the fields of expertise we offer.


We want to reach the objectives together with our clients quickly: After a profound initial analysis we develop swiftly a decision basis for a successful strategy.


For us, a comprehensive and professional support means being able to respond quickly, flexibly, and specifically to the individual wishes and personal concerns of our clients.


We rely on automation and digitalisation in our administration and routine activities so that our manpower benefits our clients to a high degree.


Our focus is on enforcing the law for our clients and therefore we consciously refrain from economic, political, or social entanglements that could interfere with this approach.