We consciously focus on those legal fields in which we have extensive experience and well-funded, constantly updated expertise.

Labour Law + Social Security Law

    • Employment Contract Law
    • Employee Protection Law
    • Health Insurance Law and Accident Insurance Law
    • Company Pension Fund Law
    • Pension Law and Disability Insurance Law

Contract Law + Liability Law

    • Law on Sales, Work, and Services Contracts
    • Insurance Contract Law and Credit Contract Law
    • Real Estate Law and Construction Contract Law
    • Liability of Banks and Experts (Lawyers, Architects, Doctors, Advisors, Fiduciaries, Asset Managers)
    • Public Liability Law (State, Communities, Public Institutions)

Inheritance, Foundations and Trusts

    • Wills, Legacies, Inheritance Contracts
    • Execution of Wills, Right to Compulsory Portion
    • Donations, Advance Withdrawals, Disinheritance
    • Beneficiary Rights (Information, Disclosure, Distribution)
    • Legal Challenge and Liquidation of Foundations and Trusts
    • Dismissal of Foundation Council Members, Protectors, and Trustees

Electronic Communications Law + Media Law

    • Electronic Communications Networks and Services Law
    • Regulation and Sector-Specific Competition Law
    • IT-Law and Data Protection Law
    • Press Law, Electronic Media, and Audio-Visual Media Services Law

Commercial Law + Corporate Law

  • Law on Stock Corporations and Shareholder Rights
  • Securities Law
  • Responsibility and Liability of Corporate Organs (Boards of Directors, Managers, Foundation Councils, Trustees, Liquidators)
  • Mergers, Acquisitions, Business Succession
  • Trade Law

Sports Law + Sports Arbitration

    • Sports Contract Law
    • Agency of Athletes and Sponsoring of Athletes
    • Sports Federations Law
    • Sports Events Law
    • Sports Arbitration (CAS-proceedings)